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Ugh... this blows.

I have been doing nothing but PLAYING VIDEO GAMES and watching my TRANSFORMERS PRIME SEASON 1 dvd!! my computer is down so Im stuck using my phone.. and these past few days have made me lose interest in drawing and my ability to EVEN TRY to draw TF

( i'm seriously thinking about just giving up drawing and DA and just go play video games from now on. ) hell, I dont even like my transformers OCs anymore. I wanna completly change their design.. but I cant think of anything good! each time i try to sketch something it comes out as a FAILURE...

I'm better at drawing anime and sonic style anyway >.>  :shrug:

so, im not sure what im going to do yet.. ALL I KNOW is that I have no creativity anymore... dont be expecting any art from me.

( probably in the next few days or weeks. I may just end this account )  NOT SURE YET.


United States

Designation: Starfire
Fraction: Decepticon
Alt Mode: Saleen S7 Twin-Turbo
Gender: Femme
Function: Hmm... Not entirely sure yet, still thinking about it.. or could use suggestions.

Theme Song-…

Favorite Things: her alt mode ( because she feels free when shes speeding down the road ), races, pulling pranks on other 'cons, fighting with the autobots whenever she gets to go out, blaring loud music ( loves music, especially rock ), watching Knockout work, harassing screamer (pfft.. i love that nickname ), her fellow Decepticons

Least Favorite Things: being yelled at or have stuff thrown at her, when her pranks backfire, Megatrons wrath, Autobots, getting mud and/dirt on her paintjob ( kicks the person and/or bot/con that caused it ), losing a race, having her leather messed up, getting in trouble.

she has a interesting personality for a decepticon. She isn't as cruel as the others, but she isn't all honorable and good like the autobots, so I guess you can say she is in the middle. ( but for SURE her loyalty likes with Megatron and the other ' cons ) at times she can be Chirpy and michievous, then she can be fiery and hot tempered and cruel the next. ( reminds me of Blitzwing lolz ), she CANNOT stand to lose a race.

Quote: " when there arent many femmes in the 'Con army... you gotta fight to earn your place "

-----------------------MY INFO-------------------------------------

Favorite Decepticons: Knockout, Megatron, Dreadwing, and Starscream

Other account :iconxxcandyhedgehogxx:

I DRAW and RP Transformers and other things.. !! :la:

Cannot do DA CHAT due to crappy AOL,

so add me on SKYPE Demonica_Angel37 and/or PM me for a rp!

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